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If you would like me to review your book I have a few simple rules!

I do not pay for the book. Sounds harsh but getting me to review your book is not a way of getting me to buy it.

I am happy occasionally to review self-published e-books if you email me on However, you will need to send me a PDF or similar so I can convert for my Kindle.

I prefer e-books every time.

I do not get paid for my reviews. I am honest (although I take into account that what I like doesn’t mean it’s bad – just not for me). I hate typos and bad grammar (I am an ex-proof-reader) so if you are self-published, please make sure your book has been proof-read and edited.

I rarely read non-fiction.

I am not interested in the following genres:

Science fiction
Erotic fiction
Military fiction
Ultra-violent books
Graphic novels
I am also happy to review your beauty products, make-up, hair products, clothing, foreign holidays (kidding), if you want to send me a free sample!!
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