Month: September 2009

Stage of Fools and other stories

‘Stage of Fools’ is a quote from Shakespeare’s King Lear. However, I used it as the title of a short story in which a theatre director decides to stage a production of The Medea, a Greek tragedy by Euripedes. Peter, the director, is a pretentious fool with ideas well above his station and talent. In the meanime his marriage to his French wife, Justine, … Read More Stage of Fools and other stories

Mad about celebrity

I just started a new blog about celebrities and fashion. Very different from this one. Hope you enjoy it! Go to Oh and I added some links on here. And on Mad About Celebrity. I think they look quite classy!

The sweet smell of lilies reminds me…

Ok that sounds like an observation. It’s actually another excerpt from An Irrational Fear of Dogs and other short stories. This one is called The Sweet Smell of Lilies. So here goes… Lilies remind me of funerals. Not a very original observation, I hear you thinking. Why not roses or gardenias or boring old Sweet Williams or those plants that everyone loves the smell … Read More The sweet smell of lilies reminds me…

You live and learn

What a total ….. up my first effort at self-publishing turned out to be. Probem is that I am used to proof reading on paper so it is only when I received my ‘test’ hard copy this morning that I spotted all the mistakes! Firstly – no table of contents. Secondly – no page numbering (don’t know why but I thought this would just … Read More You live and learn

I’m so excited!

Yes I am still going on about my new book which I just self-published on I can’t wait to get my copies and see what it looks like. I’m so excited! Have a look at An Irrational Fear of Dogs and other short stories Here is yet another extract. This is from a story called The Indulgence: ‘How long have you been dead?’ … Read More I’m so excited!