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Bliss by Cat on a Piano / Theatrephonic

Bliss – can it get any better than this?Given the choice would you rather live in a perfect world that isn’t real or fight to build something that is. Bliss is very different from anything I have listened to from Theatrephonic before. I listened in two parts though I admit I did re-listen to a few bits to remind myself. Jack meets Katy and it’s … Read More Bliss by Cat on a Piano / Theatrephonic

Purple People by Kate Bulpitt

A curious scheme is afoot in Blighty. Attempting to tackle spiralling levels of crime and anti-social behaviour, the government has a new solution: to dye offenders purple. For once, even journalist Eve Baxter is shocked – she’s spent years gathering the world’s weird and wacky news, but has never seen anything as loopy as this. Learning of these shamed ‘bruises on society’, the nation … Read More Purple People by Kate Bulpitt