What a total ….. up my first effort at self-publishing turned out to be. Probem is that I am used to proof reading on paper so it is only when I received my ‘test’ hard copy this morning that I spotted all the mistakes!

Firstly – no table of contents.
Secondly – no page numbering (don’t know why but I thought this would just happen automatically).
Thirdly – one big typo on the back cover (not too bad I guess).
Fourthly – the spacing was different for different stories.

So there you have it!
But less pages now and slightly cheaper. Just wish I hadn’t bought so many copies to give my friends.
And I got rid of the original A4 version.

So once again it’s at An Irrational Fear of Dogs and other short stories

4 Comments on “You live and learn

  1. I know this is a bit off topic, but how do you like Lulu.com? I’m interested in self-publishing my photographs but am not sure who to go with. I know there’s also blurb.com. Thanks =)

    • I found Lulu fun and fairly easy to use. Only probem is that having a book of eg 75 pages printed and perfect bound works out pretty expensive. More than the bookshop price for a paperback book. If you want to make a profit it pushes the book price up so high you’d never sell it. But it was great to see my stories in print and I have had about 90 hits so far.

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