I enjoyed reading this book though it’s not really my genre. There are a lot of plot threads which was sometimes confusing but thankfully they all tie up neatly in the end. However I did have my reservations. I found some of the characters to be real stereotypes and not very original. I tried to like Nikki but I still couldn’t by the end. The Yorkshire accents and all the owts and summats are annoying when written in conversations (fine when spoken on TV). Certain things I found rather far fetched but to say what would give it away. Let’s just keep it at oink. I was disappointed with the outcome of one of the threads but again I can’t say any more. On the other hand it would make a great TV series and I would watch it. I love this kind of thing on TV but not in book form.

Many thanks to The Pigeonhole for letting me read this, the other Pigeons and especially to Liz for her involvement and her insights.

PS I know some fellow readers didn’t like the gruesome revelations by the serial killer but personally I thought they were the best bit!!

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