Scotland, 1940:
War rages across Europe, but Invermoray House is at peace. Until the night of Constance’s twenty-first birthday, when she’s the only person to see a Spitfire crash into the loch. Constance has been longing for adventure – but when she promises to keep the pilot hidden, what will it cost her?

Kate arrives in the Highlands to turn Invermoray into a luxury bed-and-breakfast, only to find that the estate is more troubled than she’d imagined. But when Kate discovers the house has a murky history, with Constance McLay’s name struck from its records, she knows she can’t leave until the mystery is solved…

How will one promise change the fate of two women, decades apart?

Forbidden Promise

This is definitely not my usual genre (romance/historical fiction) but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. I couldn’t wait to read the next stave (reading with The Pigeonhole). I loved the way it followed the two stories – the first in 1940 and the second nowadays. There are links and secrets which will not come to light until the very end so you will have to be patient!

A couple of things about the ending were not what I hoped for but at least it was all tied up neatly. Personally I think it cried out for a bit of magical realism (my favourite genre) with maybe Constance leaving ‘messages’ or clues from the grave in the ghillie’s cottage or the painting ripping again every time someone tried to repair it.

Many thanks to The Pigeonhole for giving me the opportunity to read along with my fellow Pigeons.

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