Some people are scared of the dark. But it’s the light that exposes the secrets.

A young boy with nightmares faces up to his demons. A deathbed confession turns the world on its axis. A five-year-old watches his parents bury a body in the garden. A soldier returns from the war to find the horror isn’t yet over.

Afraid Of The Light brings the imagination of fourteen bestselling crime writers together in a collection that will keep you up all night. From a deadly campfire game to a holiday gone wrong, to an AI assistant with a motive and a love affair that can only end in murder, this is a gripping, twisty set of stories to send a shiver down your spine.

Afraid of the light

I don’t normally read many short stories (odd really because I write them) but as this was offered on Pigeonhole and I recognised a few of the authors, I took the opportunity to dive in. Oh they were brilliant! I am not going to attempt to review them all – there are too many but I will mention a couple I particularly enjoyed. Having a penchant for dark humour – both reading it and writing it -my favourite had to be Sausage Fingers by Victoria Selman. Now I know some people found it distasteful – no pun intended – but I found it hilarious. The line: ‘I found her finger. Frozen in a veggie sausage box,’ was my favourite. Like being veggie made a difference. And her mum’s response: ‘Tesco delivers the wrong things to us all the time.’ ….fingers in with the sausages? Ha ha!

I also loved The Burial by James Delargy. Any story that begins: ‘We planted my Nan today. In the back garden….I hope the plastic Dad wrapped her in keeps her warm this winter.’ Told from the point of view of the young daughter of one of the most ludicrously dysfunctional families I have ever read about, it’s also very funny in a macabre sort of way.

Having said that I can’t think of one I didn’t enjoy though some were more serious and very dark.Well done and thanks to The Pigeonhole for giving me the opportunity to read along with my fellow Pigeons and sometimes even with the authors.

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