Don’t have a Kindle yet? Love reading paperbacks? Or even hardbacks? I know – you love the smell and feel of a real book. So do I, especially one signed by the author, but my top four advantages of reading on a Kindle might just change your mind.

kindle e-reader

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Here are my top four reasons for using a Kindle e-Reader:

  1. Portability. You can carry thousands of books in one go. No humping about loads of books when you travel and then leaving them behind because you bought more and have now gone over your weight limit (if travelling by plane). And you won’t break the strap on your expensive Radley messenger bag!
  2. Backlighting. Remember those funny little lights you could attach to the top of a paperback or the original Kindle so you could read in the dark? The Kindle Paperwhite has its own light source so you can literally read anywhere – even in pitch darkness. And you can adjust the light to wherever you are preventing eye strain.
  3. Font size. If like me you are as blind as a bat and avoid books with small print (or have to use a magnifying glass) then you can bump up the font size to whatever you like. You might end up with 25 words per page but at least you’ll be able to see them!!
  4. Discretion. You can read Fifty Shades of Grey on the train and NO-ONE will be any the wiser. If anyone asks you can say: ‘Just devouring Proust for my MA’. They’ll never know why you’re smirking. And you won’t have to cover your shady (no pun intended – well a little) novel in brown paper like we did with our school books (that probably dates me).

Convinced? Click here to purchase your Kindle or e-Reader

Disclaimer: Please note that if you click on the above link I am redirecting you to a product on Amazon. I don’t believe in misleading my blog readers in any way when it comes to affiliate marketing,

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