It all started many years ago. In the early 1900s in America to be precise (so they say) but tea bags were not introduced to the UK until 1952. A famous year also because the old King died, Lizzie took the throne and I was born (in that order chronologically – not in order of importance).

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Tea bags were so easy and convenient, like tights and diesel trains. No tipping leaves down the sink and blocking it. No washing tannin-stained teapots and keeping the fancy Royal Worcester Evesham Gold for the police, your nan and the vicar. And no using tea leaves for fortune telling.

But here we have the best of both worlds. Proper tea in tea bags. Time for a tasting.

Brew-tea-full Morning – a black tea blend. Indian Assam Black Tea, Sri Lankan Black Tea and Chinese Black Tea. My first foray into the world of teas from What a delight. It tastes like TEA! We are so used to bland tea bags these days that we have forgotten what real tea tastes like.

My second tea was On a Chai High – a blend of Indian Assam Black Tea mixed with a variety of Spices (Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Black Peppercorns and Chilli). Yes Chilli in tea. I was a bit nervous. It smells lovely. It tastes even better with a slightly sharp aftertaste. Not for the faint-hearted. I added a dash of milk but you don’t have to. Maybe a bit too spicy for me in the end.

Named after Prime Minister Charles Grey, Earl Grey is often associated with the upper-classes and reserved for special occasions. However, such is its popularity, this delicious, fragrant tea has recently risen to fame as an ingredient, with Earl Grey flavoured cakes, biscuits, preserves and even gins and cocktails appearing in restaurants, recipes and supermarkets all over the UK. Duke of Earl Grey was my favourite initially, though I wouldn’t drink it every day because that would spoil the ‘treat’ when I do.

Undoubtedly my favourite now is Tea’s the Season – Leafy Bean’s Christmas Blend. It’s flavoured black tea with Cinnamon (plus Hibiscus, Apple, Cloves, Rosehip, Orange Peel, Cranberry, Vanilla, Morello Cherry, Blackberry and Lime Leaves). I love it. I make it with a touch of milk. It’s warm and a little bit spicy. Just the ticket. Cinnamon is a spice that is made from the inner bark of trees scientifically known as Cinnamomum. But did you know that Cinnamon has powerful medicinal properties, is loaded with antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, can lower blood sugar levels and helps fight bacterial and fungal infections. And there’s loads more. Who would have thought.

I have also given samples to friends and family to try. In fact here is my one friend’s feedback (she’s very thorough).

THE BAGS:  They look a bit like shiny triangular gauze (similar to nylon) decorations for a Christmas tree, but are they biodegradable (very important).  There does seem to be enough room for the tea to brew inside the bag. 

GREEN TEA:  Yes, like all green teas the leaves did expand and turn green when hot water added.  I found it to be a pleasantly aromatic tea. 

TEA’S THE SEASON:  Smelt and tasted of cloves to me (not cinnamon).  Quite ‘warming’ but not something I would choose.  There’s no accounting for taste and leaves (see what I did there) more for me.

My daughter-in-law on the other hand, got to try the Pure Content-mint green tea which she loved along with the Berry Nice Indeed flavoured herbal infusion which was her favourite. Because as I am not a fan of either, it wouldn’t be fair for me to review.

So if you fancy some real tea (it’s not just tea they sell by the way) head along to and try some. Toodle pip!

About the Leafy Bean Co

There’s nothing more comforting than cradling a hot drink in your hands, and there’s nothing more important than knowing where it comes from. At Leafy Bean Co they are proud that their loose-leaf teas are produced in a sustainable and fair way, and that their London café bar not only serves the best food and drink, but also serves the local community.

Visit the online shop for the very best in loose-leaf tea, accessories and gifts, and discover what events and activities you can take part in.

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