It should be like any other holiday.

Beautiful beaches.
Golden sunsets.
Nothing for miles.

You’ll never want to leave.
Until you can’t…

My Review

What an exciting book, so full of tension. I just wanted keep on reading till I found out what happened.

Erin and Lori are sisters. They have always been close, even more so after losing both parents. Then Lori’s husband Pete tells her he is leaving to be with someone else and that someone is expecting his baby. Lori wants nothing more that to be a mother, but after several rounds of IVF she realises it wasn’t meant to be. A double blow that Pete is leaving her to have a baby with someone else.

Erin works for a magazine. She has no-one in her life apart from Lori. Lori says her sister still lives like a student and needs to take her life in hand. They decide they both need a fresh start so they book a holiday to Fiji, staying on a beautiful, luxury, island resort. But the night before, they row and when Lori boards the plane, Erin fails to show up.

Then the small plane crashes on a remote, isolated island and the real nightmare begins.

The Castaways is told from two points of view – then and now. It works brilliantly. Two years after the crash, the pilot, Mike Brass, turns up having lived and worked on another small island, but he is sick and dying. It is on all the news. Erin persuades the magazine to fund a trip to Fiji so she can interview the pilot about what really happened, but in actual fact she only cares about what happened to Lori. Erin is the ‘now’.

We hear Lori’s story from the ‘then’ point of view. She tells us exactly what happened while they were on the island. Who died and who survived, if anyone. The idea of being a castaway with limited supplies, food and other necessities is terrifying. Will anyone ever find them? As well the terror of being abandoned, this book examines the relationship between a group of strangers under pressure.

It’s a brilliant book. I had to keep holding my breath while reading. I loved Lori, though not so much Erin at times. I thought she was rather selfish, but I’ll leave you to decide when you read it.

Many thanks to The Pigeonhole, the author and my fellow Pigeons for making this such an enjoyable read. 

About the Author

Lucy Clarke is the bestselling author of six psychological thrillers – THE SEA SISTERS, A SINGLE BREATH, THE BLUE/NO ESCAPE, LAST SEEN, YOU LET ME IN and THE CASTAWAYS. Her debut novel was a Richard and Judy Book Club pick, and her books have been sold in over 20 territories.

Lucy is a passionate traveller, beach hut dweller, and fresh air enthusiast. She’s married to a professional windsurfer and, together with their two young children, they spend their winters travelling and their summers at home on the south coast of England. Lucy writes from a beach hut, using the inspiration from the wild south coast to craft her stories.

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Facebook: lucyclarkeauthor

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