Haileybrook, a beautiful village in the peaceful Cotswolds countryside, is most people’s idea of heaven on earth.

Born and raised in this small slice of paradise, Elle Bea can’t wait to leave.

It should be easy, but every time she packs her bags for exotic adventures, old loves and loyalties pull her back.

Will Elle be forced to forget her dreams of far-flung places and epic romance, or can she grab one last chance to have it all?

An uplifting, romantic story about friends, family and the relationships that make a place a home.

My Review

Poor Elle! She’s not been very lucky in love so far. First there was Adam Fletcher. Devastatingly handsome and suave but no-one except Elle likes him much. That’s because he’s a bit of a prat, but Elle is too smitten to notice.

Then there’s the tall, dark, brooding, Heathcliffe-esq (OK I exaggerate a bit) Toby Cooper who runs the farm with his brother Seth and fiance Lucy – a perfect couple straight out of Hello Magazine. Elle and Toby have always been friends but could there ever be more?

Finally there’s Zach, who she met at the University library, when a book fell on his head. He invited her to a party, but when she received a message telling her that Toby’s dad was ill, she had to rush home to help. Zach has now become her ‘pen-pal’ after moving to America.

Elle’s flamboyant and eccentric mum was never cut out for motherhood, so Elle was mostly raised by her dad and her Aunt Cath, baker extraordinaire and one of the stalwarts of Haileybrook, along with Toby and Seth’s nan – the formidable Mrs Rose Cooper, keeper of the library and when that closed, the librarian at the local high school.

Elle is desperate to leave Haileybrook and forge a career in London as well as travel the world, but everything so far seems stacked against her.

Libraries and books figure heavily in this marvellous, feel-good book. It will make you smile – a lot – laugh and gasp – and dream of Florence, A Room With a View by EM Forster and KitKats. Trust me it will all make sense when you read Claire Huston’s second novel – Elle’s A-Z of Love. But who will Elle get to spend the rest of her life with? I’m certainly not telling. A lovely summer read to lift your spirits.

About the Author

Claire Huston lives in Warwickshire with her husband and two children. Art and Soul was her first novel. Elle’s A-Z of Love is her second.

A keen amateur baker, she enjoys making cakes, biscuits and brownies almost as much as eating them. You can find recipes for all the cakes mentioned in Art and Soul on her website along with over 100 other recipes. This is also where she talks about and reviews books.

As well as her website, you can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram: linktr.ee/clairehuston_author.

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