When you pass through a door does your life change or do you have power over who you become by the choices you make?

Dulcie Braybrooke is breaking through as a celebrated ceramicist.
Elizabeth is a lonely City head-hunter.
Annie is a teacher who’s lost her verve.
Liza is a lap dancer with a strong will and a tough life.

When a mysterious bequest throws each of the four into chaos, they seek support in the guise of hypnotherapist, Dr Kath O’Hannon. Through a process of self-discovery, their new-found knowledge weighs heavily as they unpick four decades of life choices and events. You might expect them to accept the windfall, yet if they do, something entirely unexpected lies around the corner…

My Review

This book is going to be difficult to review without spoilers so I’m going to keep it short (for a change).

Four women are each given a life-changing opportunity in a strange will left by an unknown benefactor. The women have never met. The bequest throws their lives into chaos and they all seek the help of a hypnotherapist – Dr Kath O’Hannon, who helps them to come to terms with the choices they have made in the past and those that they will need to make if they are to accept or turn down the specific terms of the will. They only have a short time to decide.

During the sessions with Dr Kath, each woman delves deep into her sub-conscious to examine her life as it is and where it is going. Based on this she will need to make her decision.

So basically I had three questions. Why do they all go to Gloucester to meet the solicitor? Why wasn’t it Cheltenham (where I live)? It’s far more romantic – don’t laugh. I was looking forward to reading about familiar places in the Cotswolds. Cheltenham IS the heart of the Cotswolds – Gloucester is not. Second was the business that the inheritance revolves around – I can’t say more, but it couldn’t have been more reality TV than Scent of a Woman. Thirdly, they all went to the same hypnotherapist, which seemed a bit odd. Reading with my fellow Pigeons, this part threw us all – the other two things are personal to me.

All in all a very enjoyable read with a very different reveal. Highly recommended.

Many thanks to The Pigeonhole, the author and my fellow Pigeons for making this such an enjoyable read.

About the Author

Nikki Vallance is a writer and coach, with a passion for unlocking creative writing talent and helping people discover the joy of words.

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