The most unlikely friendship. The most unexpected consequences.

When Anna’s husband cheats on her, she’s sure she’ll never be happy again. But then she meets 94-year-old Grace. Despite an age gap of more than fifty years, the pair set out together on a life-changing journey halfway across the country in search of some answers.

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Sometimes the only way to move on is to revisit the past. But will Anna and Grace be prepared for what they find?

A story about love, female friendship, heartbreak and learning to forgive.

My Review

There are three central characters in this heartfelt, uplifting book. First of all we have Anna, a 39-year-old carer, whose husband cheated on her and left her feeling bereft and unable to trust anyone with whom she might form a future relationship. Then there is 94-year-old Grace, who Anna is looking after. Jilted at the altar over 70 years ago by Arthur, after he returned from the war, Grace found happiness with ‘her Roy’, a lovely man who took care of her and only recently passed away.

Grace has outlived her peers and her friends, but she is particularly close to her great-nephew Tom, grandson of her brother Ernest. Tom visits two or three times a week and tends her beloved garden. Tom is kind and handsome (he would have to be, wouldn’t he), and soon Grace is hatching a plot – she does that a lot – but neither party is up for it.

Grace is a wonderfully written character. She truly melts our hearts and soon Anna becomes both her friend and confidante. A strange pairing with over 50 years between them, but age is no barrier to friendship, and what starts out as a job becomes a close bond with trips to the cafe and the beach, and ends with a trip of a lifetime.

This is such an uplifting tale, though the sadness and heartbreak faced by Grace in her younger years and now, will have you in tears. Anna’s story made me more angry than sad. She obviously married an idiot who didn’t appreciate her, but will she be able to put it behind her and find love and romance? You’ll have to read this fabulous book to find out.

Many thanks to @annecater for inviting me to be part of #RandomThingsTours.

About the Author

Clare Swatman is an author and journalist. She has had two previous novels published, with her debut, Before You Go, selling in 22 territories around the world. She has also spent 20 years writing for women’s magazines in the UK.

Her latest novel, Dear Grace, is inspired by her love of Lowestoft, the town where she spent many happy holidays with her late grandparents.

Clare lives in Hertfordshire in the UK with her husband and two boys. Even the cat is male, which means she’s destined to be outnumbered forever.

Facebook at Clare Swatman Author, Insta @clareswatmanauthor, and twitter, where she’s @clareswatman

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