Three sisters. Two strangers. One secret.

Maggie has an impossible choice. Stay and protect her family from the hooded stalker in the woods? Or return to Rose and help her fight the doctors who want to remove life support from their sister, Daisy?

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There’s a man at Daisy’s bedside. He says Rose can trust him. But he’s telling her disturbing things about her devoted new husband that can’t possibly be true.

Two strangers start the clock. It’s ticking for three devoted sisters. And when time runs out, they won’t just be fighting for each other’s survival. They’ll be fighting for their own.

Three. Two. One.The countdown has begun.

My Review

Three sisters. Two points of view. We don’t hear from Daisy because she’s been in a coma for three years. Younger sister Rose visits every week and sits by her bedside, talking to her and holding her hand, because people in a coma react to sound and touch stimulation like a familiar voice or favourite music, don’t they.

Maggie is on a sabbatical in a cabin in the woods with author husband Luc, 18-month-old Alfie and their dog Cairo. She’s been working to support Luc while he writes his second novel, but she’s stressed and needs a break. In fact she doesn’t want to go back at all. But then she sees a hooded man in the woods and she’s convinced he’s after her, stalking her.

Rose is married to surgeon Nathan. Strikingly handsome, but horribly arrogant, jealous and controlling. When Rose meets psychologist Dr Saeed Sharif who has been treating Daisy before and after her coma, they are instantly drawn to each other. But Nathan has other plans for both Rose and Daisy. And Saeed seems to know more than he should.

Creepy, tense and shocking, it’s impossible to say more without giving anything away. Read it alone. Keep your ideas to yourself. But no matter what you think is going on, I guarantee you won’t see it coming. Prepare to be shocked. This is a psychological thriller like no other. Brilliant.

Many thanks to @annecater for inviting me to be part of #RandomThingsTours.

About the Author

Carrie Magillen is the bestselling author of When He’s Not Here. She was born in Cambridge and worked as a computer engineer for fifteen years, all the while with a yellowing copy of Plot by Ansen Dibell on her bookshelf and her soul dying a little every time she asked if you’d switched it off and back on again.

When her husband said, ‘Never let a little thing like money stand in the way of your dreams,’ she studied creative writing at Webster (NL), Wollongong (AU) and Winchester (UK)… not because of a fanaticism with Ws.

She now lives in a quaint Hampshire village with her husband and two very hairy children American Cocker Spaniels. Despite growing everything from carrots to cucamelons, fermenting vegetables and clabbering milk, she’s actually pretty normal.



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