They’ve finally found their forever home. So why is it tearing them apart?

A fresh start
Ellie knows she has found her dream home – number six Moss Lane. The place she and Tom can settle down, raise their new baby and start again.

A dark secret
But why do their new neighbours think they’re so brave for moving in? Why are Ellie’s keys never where she left them? And why can Ellie hear strange noises in the night that Tom can’t?

A living nightmare
Suddenly their dream house no longer feels so perfect and when Ellie learns the truth about number six’s dark past, a truth that Tom has been keeping secret from her, she no longer knows who she can trust.

Has their perfect home become her worst nightmare?

My Review

I really enjoyed this book but I have a couple of reservations. I much preferred the ‘Now’ parts because I felt the ‘Then’ was too long. And I love a good haunting. I really hoped the ghosts were real (as far as ghosts can be) and I wanted her mum (who saw someone in the background on Facetime) to arrive and back Ellie up. Or someone else to see Mary and hear the baby.

Tom is a typical skeptic – not that Ellie really tells him what is going on – in fact I found their lack of communication quite annoying. There are a few red herrings but I’m not giving anything away. Ellie can be a bit difficult to sympathise with at times, but only because she won’t open up and seems to see everyone as trying to undermine her. Take any help where it’s offered, Ellie, and talk to people. You never know, they might even understand.

It’s a brilliant debut novel from a very promising author, but while the writing, the character development of the main protagonists, the tension and the suspense are all excellent, there were elements that could have been even better and we are left with a few unanswered questions at the end. It also needs a bit more light and shade to relieve the tension before it builds again. Just my personal opinion. But well done and I shall certainly look out for more from this author in the future.

Many thanks to The Pigeonhole, the author and my fellow Pigeons for making this such an enjoyable read.

About the Author

R.P. Bolton lives in Manchester with her partner, son and three lively rescue dogs. When she’s not reading, writing or walking the dogs, she’ll be at the gym, a concert or indulging in her passion for nature. The Perfect House is her debut thriller.

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