Can she find the truth in time?

When Natalie reluctantly agrees to attend a school reunion, she hits it off with former classmate Josh – a boy she barely spoke to while they were at school together – and finds herself swept up in a whirlwind romance with him.

Then she receives the message: you can do better than marrying a murderer.

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As Natalie pieces together the tragic story of the teenage girl who drowned at Chedford Lake, she realises she has the perfect opportunity to clear Josh’s name. But it will mean putting herself in serious danger – and betraying someone she loves.

With Josh spiralling deeper into despair, and her own life torn apart by lies, can Natalie unravel what really happened before it is too late?

My Review

Well this turned dark! If you hadn’t read the blurb you’d think it was just another mystery romance, with sad goings on in the past.

Natalie was a model with a promising career. Then she had a car accident that left her physically and mentally scarred.

She is invited to a school reunion and reluctantly goes. She meets Josh who she barely remembers from school, but they are instantly attracted. They soon fall in love and move in together, planning to get married.

Natalie works with her sister-in-law as a wedding planner and life appears to be happy. She also has her own Vlog where she posts lifestyle stuff and photos of fashion. She never shies away from talking about her scars. Then one day it all goes horribly wrong. She receives the message: you can do better than marrying a murderer. And the messages get worse and more scathing, not just about Josh but about her scars and her appearance. Someone really has it in for her.

When Josh was in his teens, he was party to a tragic event when a young girl drowned at Chedford Lake and he was a suspect. Together with a difficult childhood – his mum and dad divorced and his mum re-married. Josh has to share a room with his step-brother Toby who bullies him relentlessly and also happens to be in a relationship with the girl who drowned.

So far so good. Natalie is determined to discover the truth, but then things start to get much darker until by the final few chapters, secrets are revealed that I never would have guessed. And there are people involved that you would never have suspected.

I loved Natalie. She is a very strong character who stays together through whatever life throws at her. Not so sure about Josh. Sometimes he was exasperating and I wanted to shake him. You wouldn’t want him to be your only friend in a crisis. I would just like to say that I am not sure that the way his mental illness is portrayed actually invites our sympathy, which is a shame. Reading other people’s reviews, they found him whiny and spineless, which in today’s world is a sad indictment of our attitude to mental health. I think he needed a more sympathetic touch. But Natalie loves him. The other characters, particularly Toby and Gareth were well-drawn and full of character.

What started off as a relatively slow burn exploded at the end and I loved the twists and surprises.

Many thanks to @annecater for inviting me to be part of #RandomThingsTours.

About the Author

LK Chapman writes psychological thrillers and suspense. She published her first psychological novel, Anything for Him, in 2016.

A chilling thriller about obsession, jealousy and revenge, Anything for Him has now become a three book series with two sequels (Found You & Never Let Her Go) creating the No Escape trilogy.

She has also written two standalone psychological novels, The Stories She Tells, and Into The Lake.

LK Chapman’s books are inspired by her studies in psychology, and she has always been fascinated by the strength, peculiarities and extremes of human nature.

As well as working as a psychologist, Chapman volunteered for mental health charity Mind before starting her journey as an author. It has been an incredibly exciting journey and she is so grateful for the support of her readers!


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  1. Thank you so much for such a wonderful, in depth review. I am so glad you really liked Natalie, I very much enjoyed writing her 🙂

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