It’s almost Halloween so it must be time for a spooky story. And this was certainly spooky.

When Elliott starts to tell James about his horrific experiences in his aunt’s apartment in Edinburgh, James is unsurprisingly suspicious. After all, he knows Elliott is not the most trustworthy of friends. But after a while he starts to wonder if it might just be true.

Really scary and the last five minutes in particular are really chilling. I don’t want to give anything away. All I can say is ‘run….’

Written by Tom Jordan
Directed by Danielle Lade

Tom Jordan as Elliott
Jack Gavin as James and all other characters

Produced by Cat on a Piano Productions

The Entertainer by E’s Jammy Jams
Male Trio at Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, Moscow

The Theatrephonic Theme tune was composed by Jackson Pentland
Performed by
Jackson Pentland
Mollie Fyfe Taylor
Emmeline Braefield

Cat on a Piano Productions produce and edit feature films, sketches and radio plays.

Their latest project is called @Theatrephonic, a podcast of standalone radio plays and short stories performed by professional actors. You can catch Theatrephonic on Spotify and other platforms.

For more information about the Theatrephonic Podcast, go to, Tweet or Instagram us @theatrephonic, or visit our Facebook page.

And if you really enjoyed No Harm Done listen to Theatrephonic’s other plays and short stories and consider becoming a patron by clicking here…

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