Mari only wanted an easy life.

‘That’s all I wanted. An easy life and a push-up bra.’

Not much to ask is it. Mari works at the library. Does the cleaning, same as she does at home. That’s how she knows her husband Ron of 45 years will never find the things she hides and how she knows where he keeps his girlie magazines.

She didn’t read much when she was at school. Never did much at all really. Unless you were pretty or clever it was best to remain invisible. But now she buys books and hides them. Ron thinks she’s at the bingo. She has 16 books and sometimes she even borrows an audio book from the library.

But what she really wants is a room of her own, just like Virginia Woolf said. And a life, not just one lived through books.

Very clever and sad.

‘Bon voyage Mari.’

Written by Jackie Carreira
Directed by Zoe Cunningham and Emmeline Braefield

Geraldine Brennan as Mari
Anthony Young as Derek
Molly Wilkes and Toby Wilkes as the Youths

Produced by Cat on a Piano Productions

Greaser by TrackTribe
The Quiet Aftermath by Sir Cubworth
Quiet by The Mini Vandals
Parisian Cafe by Aaron Kenny

The Theatrephonic Theme tune was composed by Jackson Pentland
Performed by
Jackson Pentland
Mollie Fyfe Taylor
Emmeline Braefield

Cat on a Piano Productions produce and edit feature films, sketches and radio plays.

Their latest project is called @Theatrephonic, a podcast of standalone radio plays and short stories performed by professional actors. You can catch Theatrephonic on Spotify and other platforms.

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