Rosie is homeless and winter is closing in. So she can’t believe her luck when a total stranger, Mr. Adams, invites her to stay.

But Mr. Adams has a secret. He has chosen Rosie because she reminds him of someone very special from long ago. Maybe she can even help him recapture that distant happiness.

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Of course, she might need a little encouragement, but that’s fine…

What he doesn’t realise is that Rosie has a secret too, a secret that will have horrifying consequences for them both.

So instead of the heaven he had hoped to find, Mr. Adams finds himself fighting to escape the special kind of hell created by… the girl downstairs.

My Review

This is so unnerving and creepy. There were times when I winced at the things Mr Adams thinks and does. But then the entire book is written from his point of view. And let’s face it – he’s a bit weird. But is he a total psychopath or just a sad, lonely man who happens to be angry, antisocial and dislikes disabled people? I was never really sure. I’m still not.

There will be times when you wonder what he has actually done and there are plenty of misconceptions and misunderstandings between him and us, the reader, along the way.

For instance why is he so keen to invite Rosie to stay and what happened to the previous girls that were there? What really happened to his wife and daughter? And is Rosie just a homeless girl who has lost her way in the world, an ungrateful so-and-so about to steal his cash and belongings or is she hiding something far more sinister?

I literally didn’t have a clue most of the time. Nothing is what it seems. Except Fluffy that is, but even he has a name that belies his true identity – he’s a smooth-haired Jack Russell, but Mr Adams thinks it’s funny to call him Fluffy.

This is such a great read and it will keep you guessing right up to the end.

Many thanks to @zooloo2008 for inviting me to be part of this blog tour.

About the Author

Iain Maitland is the author of three previous psych thrillers, The Scribbler (2020), Mr Todd’s Reckoning (2019) and Sweet William (2017), all published by Contraband, an imprint of Saraband. Mr Todd’s Reckoning is coming to the big screen in 2023.

Iain is also the author of two memoirs, Dear Michael, Love Dad (Hodder, 2016), a book of letters written to his eldest son who experienced depression and anorexia, and (co-authored with Michael) Out Of The Madhouse (Jessica Kingsley, 2018).

He is also an Ambassador for Stem4, the teenage mental health charity. He talks regularly about mental health issues in schools and colleges and workplaces.

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