I’m a huge fan of warming wax burners so I jumped at the chance to try out and review the new All Is Well Wax Collection from Scentsy.

First of all I’d just like to say that I have tried a lot of different waxes but none compare with Scentsy. The range of scents, the strength and the longevity are what make them stand out. There are others out there that are cheaper but you know what they say – you get what you pay for.

The All Is Well Wax Collection was a real eye opener for me; the one I thought I would like best was not my favourite (lavender) and the ones I wasn’t sure about jumped higher up the list. Though when I say not my favourite I just mean not strong enough for me, particularly in a larger room – the scents are all still lovely. If you are into mindfulness and spirituality then these are for you. A lovely background to your yoga practice or just to relax with.

So here goes with my views:

R(ELAX) Bright bergamot and smooth vanilla sugar bask in warm amber. Some of my favourite ingredients. I LOVE this. I would buy this NOW. It might be a bit sweet for those who prefer the fresh scents but this is my favourite. I’m warming it in the living room.

S(OOTHE) Driftwood softened by gentle water lily and soothing sea minerals. Not my usual choice but when I warmed this in the bathroom (in my old incense burner as nowhere to plug in a warmer) I fell in love with it instantly. I can smell it everywhere upstairs and as I climb the stairs. It’s gorgeous and it’s lasting for days.

I(NHALE) Fresh mountain air carries notes of wildflowers and fern to peaceful vistas. Again I wouldn’t have chosen this from the description, but it’s so fresh and lovely. It’s quite strong as well. I’m warming it in the kitchen.

U(NWIND) Sweet apple blossom and crisp cucumber peel drift above serene spa water. This is very different from anything else I have tried, not just on the All Is Well Wax Collection, but ever. I love the scent but it’s not strong enough for me. I’m warming this in the hall. I would need to warm this everywhere to get the full effect.

M(EDITATE) Sandalwood balances calming lavender and spicy nutmeg. Sandalwood and lavender are two of my favourites but this didn’t do it for me as much as some of the others. I can’t really smell it and the I(NHALE) in the kitchen overpowered it. I was warming this in the living room.

I’ve loved trying these out and I hope you will enjoy my review and think about trying them for yourselves.

Love Scentsy! Click on the link to go to Sarah Dean’s Scentsy page on Facebook.

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