In 1971, Nan Douglas and her toddler twins arrive on the remote island of Inniscuiilin, long-lost family of the eccentric Miss Campbell. 

For fifteen years they all live quietly up at the Big House, until the twins start planning their future – forcing Nan to confront their past… Because someone, somewhere believes that the twins aren’t twins. That they’re not even Nan’s children. And that Nan isn’t Nan.

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Only Nan herself can prove them wrong – but it’s a gamble. Win or lose, she’s still at risk of losing her beloved family.

My Review

In the first third of the book we are introduced to three of the main characters. Malcolm is a doctor who marries Martha, who also works in medicine, but as a researcher. Finally we have Sarah, who had a brief fling with Malcolm at university where he was studying medicine and she was training to be a nurse. Unfortunately their relationship did not end well and she had to give up her studies.

Sarah then marries Robert, but their marriage ends in tragedy. With no children of her own, she takes a job as a live-in nanny, but when the family move overseas, she goes to work for another couple. And that is where the story really begins.

Nan Douglas and her toddler twins arrive on the remote island of Inniscuiilin, long-lost family of the eccentric Miss Maud Campbell. She is welcomed into the family and into the small community where Maud is both loved and feared. Nan has secrets that could tear her life apart, but Maud also has her secrets.

They all live together happily until the twins are in their teens and start wanting a life of their own and that is where the trouble starts. How can Nan help them without putting her future at risk?

Even though we know that Nan has done something terrible, we still love her and root for her, probably because we understand what drove her (even if we don’t approve) and also because her motives were good. Or were they?

This is also about entitlement, the haves and the have-nots and one woman’s attempt to make things right. A very different book which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Many thanks to @zooloo2008 for inviting me to be part of this blog tour.

About the Author
Gill Merton is the nom de plume of five writers based around Edinburgh and the Lothians:

Simon Bramwell
Coreen Connell
Sheila Corrigan
Anne Hamilton
Elizabeth Nallon

Entitled is their first collaborative novel, adapted from an original short story by Sheila Corrigan, and was made possible by funding from The National Lottery Awards For All.

Earlier publications include:
The Writing Group:  an original stage/radio play (First recorded 2017)
A Way With Words: an anthology of prose and poetry (Pilrig Press, 2015)

Follow them at:

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