One island. Two women. A journey to hell.
The Clarke family, Penny, Rod and their two young boys, are delighted when they are offered a holiday in a high-end guest house on a remote and beautiful island. Their hostess Anna seems like a lovely woman. But what the Clarkes don’t realise is that this is no random invitation, that Anna has carefully selected the family to satisfy her own sinister agenda.
Penny soon begins to sense there’s something off about Anna. She often speaks about her husband and son, but is it odd that they are both away? And that Anna seems perfectly content to be alone in this isolated place?

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And then there’s the way she looks at Penny’s boys – as if she’s sizing up chickens for the slaughter.
Penny grows increasingly uneasy and begins to do a bit of digging, which leads to a horrifying discovery – she finally realises who Anna is, and then she knows exactly why they’ve been invited to the island. She also knows that if she and her family are ever going to leave, they’ll have to fight for their lives … and find the answer to one terrifying question – how far would you go for the people you love?

My Review

Well this was an unusual read. What a strange cast of characters. Anna is initially a bit creepy. Rod is rather wishy-washy and he’s a twitcher (that’s a bird watcher to you and me). Penny is quite aloof and unapproachable with a massive chip on her elegant shoulder about something she never got to do with her life. Ten-year-old Freddie is highly intelligent but impossible to discipline, a bit like an over-excitable puppy. Poor little Alfie apparently looks like a gargoyle (not my words).

None of them is very lovable. Anna appears a bit unhinged. She also seems to spend a lot more time with her ‘guests’ than is normal for the host of a posh Airbnb. What is her agenda? She invited the Clarkes for a free holiday on the remote island where she lives, but as someone famous once said ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch.’ She is up to something, but is it sinister or is she just a very kind person. I doubt it’s the latter, but at this point, the gullible Clarkes have no idea who she is.

This book took some very unexpected turns and I was surprised how things turned out. It’s not possible to say any more because that would spoil the reading experience. Suffice to say that your sympathies will switch many times and it’s really very cleverly done. You might even start to like Freddie.

I really enjoyed reading The Lost Boy. I always love finding a book that is different from anything else I have read, and this one certainly is.

Many thanks to @zooloo2008 for inviting me to be part of this blog tour.

About the Author

As a child, Jane spent a lot of time in elaborate Lego worlds populated by tiny plastic animals and people. Crime levels were high, especially after the Dragon brothers set themselves up as vets and started murdering the animals in their ‘care’. (They got away with it by propping the victims up with Plasticine and pretending they were still alive…)

As an adult, she is still playing in imaginary worlds and putting her characters through hell – but now she can call it ‘writing’ and convince herself that she is doing something sensible. In real life, she has a PhD in genetics and copy-edits scientific and medical journals.

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  1. What an entertaining review! Really made me smile. Thanks very much for reading and reviewing.

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