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A Crown of Sonnets About My Death by Cat on a Piano Productions / Theatrephonic

It’s a takeover! This week the amazing Ashley Shiers is performing two incredibly different pieces: A Crown of Sonnets About My DeathWritten by Nancy Fons – instagram: @a_daily_sonnetandThe Tale of Ol’ Sandy JackWritten by Ashley Shiers I’m actually speechless. A Crown of Sonnets… was so beautiful, emotive and lyrical and the Scottish accent enhanced the listening experience. For those who don’t know, a sonnet … Read More A Crown of Sonnets About My Death by Cat on a Piano Productions / Theatrephonic

Darke Matter by Rick Gekoski

James Darke is dreading the first family Christmas without his wife Suzy. Engulfed by grief, his grudging preparations are interrupted by a persistent knock at the door. Questions about the circumstances of his wife’s death force him to confront the outside world and what really happened to her. #DarkeMatter @RGekoski @LittleBrownUK #RandomThingsTours @annecater @RandomTTours Isolated, angry and diminished, James soon faces a crisis both legal and … Read More Darke Matter by Rick Gekoski

Poetically retentive

With mathematical precision I count every beat From beginning to end of each line They must be concise and perfect and true And every so often must rhyme No freedom of verse or lyrical waxing No skipping a meter or two Iambic, trochaic or even dactylic I just can’t get away from this view So give me the sound of a heroic couplet At … Read More Poetically retentive

Childhood dreaming

I wished I was a Persian cat With long grey fur and amber eyes I wished I was a greyhound dog Fast and sleek with coat that shines I wished I was a jungle lion Smart and fierce and roaming wild I could have been all three of these If I had been a different child But I was timid as a mouse Who … Read More Childhood dreaming

Saving the roses – a sestina for the environment

If the world ends life will hang in the balance Ended by ignorance, famine and greed, To return to love is like climbing a mountain Pricking ones fingers and hands on roses In the dark, your path lit only by a lantern, I can help you, I am music, listen. I woke up this morning and began to listen To the music of the … Read More Saving the roses – a sestina for the environment

Outlandish Tales of Folklore

Apologies for having posted the first three before, albeit ages ago, but I wanted to keep them altogether somewhere. A sonnet is a 14 line lyrical poem traditionally written about beauty, unrequited love, romance, faith, death etc. Contemporary sonnets use modern language but the subject matter is often the same or similar. These attempt to break the mould, hopefully. As they are a sequence, … Read More Outlandish Tales of Folklore

A Christmas Haiku

What will happen when Christmas ends. Will the New Year Be any better?

Running out of Haikus

I’ve been posting my Haikus on Trouble is I’ve posted them all so I’ve run out. What to do next? I guess I’ll have to write some more. Maybe I’ll write a Haiku about running out of Haikus. No more haikus Whatever happened to all the Haikus They watched their time burn No more Haikus any more With thanks to The Stranglers


First of the month. White rabbits and all that stuff. Beginning of a new era. I get my result on Friday. Time for a quick Haiku. Once This is no rehearsal Life is only once and then The chance has slipped away


Of all the poems I have written, this is not my favourite. I am still not sure about it, but I want to publish the best and the worst. The theme is religious because I have always had an interest in religion. It wasn’t intended that way but sometimes you are driven subconsciously by your background and your childhood. Epitaph This was my son … Read More Epitaph

Feeling guilty

I swore I’d never let this blog get out of date and now it’s been four weeks since I last posted. I haven’t written anything new (other than two short stories too long to put on here and half a sestina) which means that technically I have nothing to post. So what else can I do apart from write a little Haiku. (Not sure … Read More Feeling guilty

If I were a king

Just like I rarely write funny poetry, I almost never write poems for children. However, I wrote this one many years ago and thought I would share it at long last. It was inspired by a book called ‘A Child’s Garden of Verses’ by Robert Louis Stevenson which I won as a school prize when I was about seven (could have been a poetry … Read More If I were a king