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A Crown of Sonnets About My Death by Cat on a Piano Productions / Theatrephonic

It’s a takeover! This week the amazing Ashley Shiers is performing two incredibly different pieces: A Crown of Sonnets About My DeathWritten by Nancy Fons – instagram: @a_daily_sonnetandThe Tale of Ol’ Sandy JackWritten by Ashley Shiers I’m actually speechless. A Crown of Sonnets… was so beautiful, emotive and lyrical and the Scottish accent enhanced the listening experience. For those who don’t know, a sonnet … Read More A Crown of Sonnets About My Death by Cat on a Piano Productions / Theatrephonic

Poetically retentive

With mathematical precision I count every beat From beginning to end of each line They must be concise and perfect and true And every so often must rhyme No freedom of verse or lyrical waxing No skipping a meter or two Iambic, trochaic or even dactylic I just can’t get away from this view So give me the sound of a heroic couplet At … Read More Poetically retentive

Outlandish Tales of Folklore

Apologies for having posted the first three before, albeit ages ago, but I wanted to keep them altogether somewhere. A sonnet is a 14 line lyrical poem traditionally written about beauty, unrequited love, romance, faith, death etc. Contemporary sonnets use modern language but the subject matter is often the same or similar. These attempt to break the mould, hopefully. As they are a sequence, … Read More Outlandish Tales of Folklore

This is the childhood that I daily dreamed of

Another sonnet. I like the sonnet form! The name sonnet derives from the Occitan word sonet and the Italian word sonetto, both meaning ‘little song’. The form dates back centuries and has come to signify a poem of 14 lines with a strict rhyming scheme and specific structure. There is usually (traditionally anyway) a volta or turn more often than not after the first … Read More This is the childhood that I daily dreamed of

Outlandish Tales of Folklore

Outlandish Tales of Folklore is a series of three sonnets which uses traditional folktales and mythology as its subject. Cooking with Elves Around the campfire they sit and Squabble, the Dark Elves, the Svartálfar, Who capture babies in the night, While slumbering peacefully in their beds Tangling their hair in elflocks They squeal with horrid delight, Throw them in… Throw them in… No beauty … Read More Outlandish Tales of Folklore