How well do you know your neighbours?

When residents of a North London cul-de-sac enrol in a seemingly innocent social network called Join Me, they soon find themselves embroiled in a murky web of sinister manipulation and murder.

From the outside, Caroline and Jason Swinton have an idyllic life. But when the cracks start to appear the residents of Riverside Close are drawn into a dangerous game. When Jason’s body is discovered in a house on the close, everyone becomes a suspect. Could his lovely wife be responsible for his murder? Or do the neighbours have a motive for wanting him dead? As the secret lives of those living on the Close are gradually revealed, it becomes clear that someone is hiding something they will stop at nothing to protect…

Riverside Close

When the residents of Riverside Close get a leaflet through the door about a website called Join Me, little do they know that some of their lives will be changed forever. Join Me, run by husband and wife team Jason and Caroline Swinton, is not supposed to be a dating website. Its aim is to bring like-minded people together to go on trips to London to visit the Zoo, take a boat trip down the Thames or share fine wine and dining. Why is it therefore that women don’t meet other women to share these adventures? That would be good. Like pen pals who actually meet and do stuff. Why is it that it’s only bored housewives who find a kindred spirit in the same handsome man under different guises? Join Me has a very different agenda, as ludicrously naive and stupid Susan finds out. So does Alexis, whose relationship with doctor husband Adam is falling apart. But Alexis is a lot smarter than Susan. And Olive, an eighty-something busy-body is keeping a diary of all the comings and goings. Then Jason is found dead inside the only empty house in the close – number 4. Who killed him? Were they lining up? This is wonderful stuff, so why only 4 stars I hear you ask. 4.5 would be nearer the mark.

I actually loved this book until the last bit when the killer is revealed. Towards the end I made a list of my ‘suspects’. The perp was originally number one on my list but I soon dismissed him as too obvious and a motive that would make him a total hypocrite, unless he was bonkers. I then went through the list dismissing each one until I chose the one I thought would be a great twist. Unfortunately I was wrong!! I loved my twist!! However, I still enjoyed it and would highly recommend it. It’s original and fun and brilliantly written.

Many thanks to The Pigeonhole and my fellow Pigeons for once again giving me the opportunity to read a book I would probably never have found on my own or chosen to read.

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