Ed is delighted to meet his twenty-three year old daughter’s fiancé for the first time. Abbie is head-over-heels in love with her new man. Smart, successful and handsome, Ryan appears to be the perfect future son-in-law. There’s just one problem. There’s something off about Ryan. Something hidden in the shadows behind his eyes. And it seems that only Ed can see it.

Terrified that his daughter is being drawn in by a psychopath, Ed sets out to uncover her fiancé’s dark past – while keeping his own concealed. But no-one believes him. And the more he digs, the more he alienates her and the rest of the family who are convinced that Ryan is ‘the one’. Ed knows different. For reasons of his own, he knows a monster when he sees one…

The Catch

I love a good psychopath. The crazier the better. You only have to look at the popularity of Killing Eve to see I am not alone. There’s dark humour in The Catch too at times (or maybe it’s not intentional and it just says a lot about me). Perhaps because it’s my favourite genre to write I can almost smell it.

This book was fantastic. I’ve read Lies and 29 Seconds by the same author but The Catch is way more exciting. This is real edge of the seat stuff. My only two issues were that I would have liked a kind of ‘nature or nurture’ explanation as to why someone becomes a total nut job. And also I so wanted one of the characters (I can’t say any more) to have outwitted the killer. But you can’t have it all.

Ed is paranoid when it comes to his daughter. He’d do anything to protect her. And I mean anything. Everyone else adores Ryan but Ed sees something else. Something hidden in those deep brown eyes that are so dark they are almost black. Hey – I have eyes like that but I hope I don’t look like a psychopath. But it’s not just that. He smiles with his mouth but his eyes don’t follow. They just stare back at Ed. Unmoving, fixed, unemotional. Sounds kind of scary but no-one else seems to notice except Ed. That’s when he starts Googling Ryan, looking at his social media profiles, breaking into his house, attaching a GPS tracker to his car. Hiring a private detective. The usual stuff when your daughter has a new boyfriend. In fact everyone thinks Ed’s gone a bit nuts. But just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not after you.

So who really is the one with the problem here? Overprotective Daddy or too-perfect Ryan? This book will keep you guessing, skipping back and forth until near the end. Absolutely brilliant. Many thanks to The Pigeonhole and my fellow Pigeons and to the author for making this such an enjoyable read. If I had had the whole book in one go I would have stayed up all night to finish it – and not just because I’ve been furloughed and don’t have to go to work tomorrow.


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