An unmissable collection for fans of fast-paced reads. Three action-packed books in a single volume.

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The Forbidden Room:

You and your partner are looking forward to a romantic break in the rugged landscape of West Cork, on the south west coast of Ireland. Cliff walks, seafood dinners and spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. But a storm is brewing. Your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. There’s no phone signal. So you start walking. You search for help. And you find it. At an isolated house, a family gives you shelter… but something is wrong. The husband has a head wound. The son is too terrified to speak. And the wife forbids you from going near her other son’s bedroom.

The Hostage:

Lindsey O’Reilly is at home, cleaning up after dinner, when she sees armed police swarming over her garden wall. There’s a noise downstairs. A knock on the door. She opens up, but it’s not the police. It’s the man they’re chasing. A stone-cold killer. Now he’s inside...

Hit and Run:

Jake Whelan ought to be happy. He has a devoted girlfriend and a job at a prestigious law firm, where he expects to make partner. Yet he’s crippled by terrifying panic attacks and a suspicion that his life isn’t as it should be. When Jake is passed over for promotion, he thinks his day can’t get any worse. He’s wrong. A terrible accident is about to change his life forever.

My Review

This is just so good. I only meant to start the first story and ended up reading the first two back to back until well gone midnight. If I hadn’t had to get up early I’d have read the third one straight after.

The first one – The Forbidden Room – is one of those horror stories where an unsuspecting couple break down in the middle of nowhere during a storm (of course) and take refuge with the crazies and you kind of know what’s going to happen. For me this was full of dark humour or maybe I just have a strange imagination.

The second story – The Hostage – is much darker. There is no humour here. Poor Lindsey has let the killer (masquerading as a cop) into her home where she lives with her month old baby Jazz. Then his mate turns up and he’s a true psychopath. Plus the ‘boyfriend’ or rather a terrible one night stand arrives and it all becomes very dangerous for Lindsey and Jazz. But if you like a story where the baddies get their just desserts then you’ll love this.

Finally Hit and Run is almost surreal in the madness that runs away with itself into the realms of the madcap macabre. Once again I can see the dark humour creeping in. Jake’s life is like an episode from The Worst Week of My Life. Could it get any worse? First there’s Liz – the girlfriend he wants to dump but can’t. Then there’s Charlotte who is up for his promotion. Then there’s the hit and run accident, a therapist in hospital and a fire. But oh yes it can get worse and it does.

I loved all three stories – probably a toss up between the first and the last as to which is my favourite. One event in the middle one was too upsetting to put it at the top. The author might guess what I mean. I look forward to reading more of his work.

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About The Author

Alan Gorevan is an award-winning thriller writer and intellectual property attorney. He lives in Dublin.

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