One woman’s quest for revenge unearths a fatal secret from her past. Astrid Jensen holds one man responsible for her mother’s suicide, and she’ll do whatever’s necessary to get close to Daniel Holst and destroy his life – even if it means sleeping with him to gain his trust. Astrid knows he’s not who he pretends to be. But before she can reveal his dark secret, people from her mother’s past start turning up dead, and it looks like she and Daniel are next. In order to survive, she might have to put her trust in the man she has hated for so long.

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Daniel Holst has worked hard to climb into Norway’s most elite and glamorous circles, and he’s not about to let any woman bring him down. But when a psychopathic killer starts murdering people from his shadowy past, he discovers that the only person who might be able to save him is the woman who wants to destroy him.

As Astrid digs deeper into her past, she uncovers secrets long buried and realizes everything she once believed is based on lies. What began as a quest to avenge her mother’s death becomes a desperate struggle for survival and leads to the truth about what happened one fatal night ten years ago—and the surprising mastermind behind the most recent murders.

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Just to tempt you here is an extract from One Fatal Night:

Chapter One 

DANIEL HOLST COULDN’T take his eyes off the curvy blonde in the corner of the dimly lit foyer on the ground floor of the hotel. He’d decided to attend the celebration of the annual Enterprise Award for Best Business Achievement despite what had taken place earlier that day. Taking a sip of the lukewarm white wine, Daniel decided to throw caution to the wind and walked up to the blonde. His face was so close to hers she took a step back. “Are you who I think you are?” she asked in a sultry voice. Moving closer to her, he said, “That depends. I can be whoever you want me to be, honey.” He pulled out a card from his inner jacket pocket and watched her face fall when she read the name. “You’re Daniel… Daniel Holst? But I’ve n-never met you before! I’ve worked upstairs in accounts for nearly two months… How come I’ve not met you until now?” 

“I don’t normally attend these functions. But tonight’s special, so I decided to make an appearance.” Daniel cleared his throat and took a closer look at her. “What’s your name? I’m not personally involved with members of staff. That’s Joel’s job.” He liked the fact she knew nothing more about him, except that he was her employer. “Joel Wranger? He’s your deputy manager, right?” the girl asked in a shy voice. “That’s right. Joel’s my right arm. We’ve known each other for years.” Daniel omitted telling her Joel was the only person who knew everything there was to know about him. If for some reason, Joel decided to spill the beans, Daniel’s life would be open to scrutiny. He’d put his past behind him and had no intention of going back. Neither did his old friend. Setting her glass on the windowsill behind them, the girl sighed. “I shouldn’t speak out of turn; it’s probably the wine talking. I’ve had too much to drink. But I don’t like him. There’s something about him that gives me the creeps. He keeps asking me out and I keep turning him down. But he still undresses me with his eyes. I feel nauseous when he comes near me.” Brushing his arm against her long hair, Daniel sensed she was brighter than all the other girls working for him. “Is that right? Perhaps I ought to have a word with him?” Watching her eyes fill with dread, mouth trembling, he added, “You needn’t worry that I’ll reveal your name. I’ll just bring to his attention that several members of the staff mentioned he’s too… what’s the word? Too personal for comfort.” Daniel reached for her hand and looked into her eyes, his lean body and her curvaceous figure fit together nicely, but she pulled back a bit. “You’d do that for me?” she asked, staring into his eyes. Like so many other women in his past, he could tell she was attracted to his blue eyes, handsome rugged face, and short white hair. “In a heartbeat,” he said. “I’m pleased you’re not intimidated by my presence. What’s your name, honey?” He deepened his voice and held her gaze. The girl hesitated briefly and then replied, “A-Astrid Jensen. I’ve left Bergen to come and live and work in Oslo. Getting a job here is a dream come true for me.” The words tumbled out quickly and then she put a hand over her mouth as if she wanted to stuff them back in. Eyeing her up and down, Daniel smiled and gently touched her face, replying, “I sense there’s a connection between us. Let’s meet up for a drink. How about we continue this conversation later tonight?” The girl turned to pick up her glass from the windowsill. “Perhaps. Why don’t I give you an answer later? I’ve never seen you before and rumor has it you prefer your own company. Surely, someone in your position would prefer to spend the night with friends and colleagues?” Shaking his head Daniel registered her words and slowly took a step closer to her, his hand gently touching a strand of hair falling into her eyes.

 “Nah, that’s not my style. With my commitments and business taking up all of my time I don’t wish to spend longer than I have to with other people. You and I, we’re two of a kind. Tell you what, think it over and let me know later. I’ll be at the bar waiting for your answer. And, honey, don’t look so worried. I’m a big teddy bear deep down.” He took a step back and wondered what to say next to make her warm to him. “You shouldn’t believe everything you’ve heard about me.” He turned around and walked away, a satisfied grin on his lips. Astrid Jensen was just a pussycat. He’d had his fair share of girls like her, courtesy of Joel. It wasn’t Joel she ought to fear but the man who was her boss. Earlier that day a dead body had been dragged out of the Akeselva River, which ran through the city. Joel had seen to everything, assuring Daniel no one would find out about his involvement with the dead man. If someone found out the truth, his life wouldn’t be worth living, and if Joel so much as breathed a word about it, Daniel would make sure he lived to regret it. Walking up to the bar, grinning at the crowd, he smiled at them, shook hands and proceeded to order Champagne. 

“Tonight’s cause for celebration. I can feel it in my bones. Here’s to Holst Enterprises, the deal is done. All we have to do is wait for the announcement.” Emptying his glass, Daniel looked around him at the cheering crowd. He’d come a long way from the humble beginnings of his childhood. Putting his worries to the back of his mind, Daniel uncorked another bottle of Champagne and said, “Here’s to everyone who worked their asses off to get where we are now!” He heard a voice whisper behind him, “The answer’s yes. I’d love to get to know you better. Why don’t we go back to my place later?” “Great!” He said. “There’s something between us… Don’t take this the wrong way… I know you like your job. I could tell by the way you sounded when you told me you work for me. How about we get to know each other better? I promise you won’t regret it, honey.” His lips brushed hers gently, one hand holding the curve of her spine through the flimsy fabric of her short, tight dress, the other the glass of Champagne. “Sure. I’ll see you later. We’ll continue this conversation then.” 

Walking away from him towards the dance floor brightly lit by spotlights, Astrid smiled. Daniel Holst, you don’t know me, but I know you. When you think you’re safe, I’ll reveal the real reason I’ve left my old life behind. You’ll never get away with what you did. Never. Turning to look at the other people on the dance floor, she saw his eyes were following her every move. She raised her glass and blew him a kiss. So far everything was going according to plan.

About the Author

Hélene is an Anglo-Swedish fiction author currently residing in her home town of Malmo, Sweden, after relocating back from London after 20 years.

Her thrilling character-driven psychological fiction novels are known for their explosive, pacy narrative and storylines.

Hélene is the proud author of four novels – One Fatal Night, Because of You, We Never Said Goodbye and His Guilty Secret.

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