He’s not my Jack…

Margaret has been in a car accident and was hit on the head. When she wakes up in hospital after a long time in a coma, she doesn’t know who the man is who has come to take her home. She thinks this ‘Jack’ is not her husband, he’s an imposter, a robot.

But what’s wrong with her? Has Margaret suffered a more severe brain injury than the doctors at first thought, or is there some truth in her suspicions?

A great story with a twist in the tail. Really enjoyed it.

Written by Joanne Toon
Adapted for radio and directed by Emmeline Braefield

Jason Parkes as Dr Pallaway
Elliott Bornemann as Jack
Genevieve Swift as Margaret
Helen Fullerton as Martha and the Official

Produced by Cat on a Piano Productions

Devoid by ELPHNT

The Theatrephonic Theme tune was composed by Jackson Pentland
Performed by
Jackson Pentland
Mollie Fyfe Taylor
Emmeline Braefield

Cat on a Piano Productions produce and edit feature films, sketches and radio plays.

Their latest project is called @Theatrephonic, a podcast of standalone radio plays and short stories performed by professional actors. You can catch Theatrephonic on Spotify and other platforms.

And if you really enjoyed Suspicions listen to Theatrephonic’s other plays and short stories and consider becoming a patron by clicking here…

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