Delphine is at a wedding when the shocking news comes. Suddenly her life changes for ever.

Delphine has worked hard for her success and she knows she’s got everything she wants. But not everyone agrees. Her opinionated family aren’t convinced that living alone with no plans to ‘settle down’ could possibly make her truly happy, and no one appreciates it when she drops everything, day or night, whenever her boss Conrad calls. Yet Delphine wouldn’t change a thing. And when Conrad makes her a surprise offer, it’s clear that her hard work is going to pay off.

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A few short days later, Delphine’s life is unrecognisable. The man who once broke her heart has suddenly reappeared, and a shocking tragedy turns her world on its head. Delphine must rethink everything that matters to her, and to those around her, and decide, once and for all, if love, family and a little compromise should come before career, security and independence… and if she’s prepared to make that choice.

My Review

Delphine is a great protagonist and her wit and wisdom is only outshone by that of the author. She likes to think she is a feminist and a tough independent woman, but at times she wonders if she is really a doormat. In spite of being a qualified lawyer she works for Conrad Morgan, the CEO of a highly successful financial company. She is his executive assistant and earns a huge salary, travelling all over the world with him and attending glamorous parties, but she still has to book his flights and hotel rooms like a glorified secretary – I wonder if she collects his dry cleaning and picks out the flowers for his ex-wife Martha. In the opening chapter she is bidding at auction for an emerald bracelet for his new love, Bianca, his personal stylist who happens to be 20 years his junior.

To me this is a nightmare job – being at the beck and call of a rich financier – she even gets drawn into the problems of his love life. But then when tragedy strikes, her life changes overnight. She will need to rethink everything she has worked so hard for and begins to wonder if she has made the right choices. Her family think she has spent so much time on her career that she is going to end up a lonely old spinster with only a cat for company and she doesn’t even have a cat. She is happy with that until she meets her ex-boyfriend Ed – the only man who ever dumped her – and they rekindle their relationship.

Three Weddings and a Proposal is set in and around Dublin, over the course of one summer. The title comes from the three weddings that Delphine attends, once with a plus-one and twice as one. The proposal I won’t reveal!

This book focuses on relationships, work and female friendship and asks the question, as a woman, can you have it all? Delphine thinks she can, but in the end, does she really want it?

I loved this story. I loved all the characters, though I had my favourites and one or two I really didn’t like. It’s a fairly slow burn and no-one gets murdered (as in the books I usually read), but I became really invested in Delphine’s happiness. I wish her well for the future!!

Many thanks to @annecater for inviting me to be part of #RandomThingsTours.

About the Author

Sheila O’Flanagan is the author of nearly 30 bestselling chart-toppers, including The Women Who Ran Away, Her Husband’s Mistake, The Hideaway, What Happened That Night, The Missing Wife and All For You (winner of the Irish Independent Popular Fiction Book of the Year Award). After working in banking and finance for a number of years, Sheila’s love for writing blossomed into curating stories about relationships in all their many forms. | @sheilaoflanagan |

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