You’re trapped underground with a serial killer. Would you save their life to protect your own?

The Artist
No one knows who The Sculptor is. A successful artist, who’s works sell for millions – each one with a deadly secret at the centre of each piece.

The Killer
There’s a serial killer on the loose – dismembering women’s bodies and leaving them washed up along the shore. The Coastline Killer is free and no one knows how to catch him.

The Victim
Alice has designed her life to be as safe as it possibly can be. She takes no risks, and makes sure nothing is a threat to her or those she loves.

But when an earthquake brings all three together, will anyone get out alive? And if you were trapped with a serial killer, would you protect their secrets to save your own life? 

My Review

I wish I’d discovered Elle Croft before. What an explosive, brilliant ‘serial-killer-thriller’ (I love that description).

Alice gives talks about disaster management. She’s good at her job though she’s never actually experienced a real disaster. Her life is risk-free – she takes no chances and makes sure she and her family and friends are always safe. Until she is kidnapped by a serial killer, trapped underground and tied to a gurney. Then an earthquake strikes – it’s The Big One that the people of Vancouver have been waiting for – and she must use all her knowledge to stay alive.

But it’s not that simple. She’s buried underground with the man who took her – the serial killer known as The Coastline Killer who dismembers women’s bodies and leaves them washed up along the shoreline. But they need each other to survive.

We also hear from The Sculptor, a strange, twisted artist, a fan of Rodin, whose work is celebrated worldwide and sells for millions. But each sculpture carries a deadly secret and no-one knows the identity of this talented individual.

It’s so tense and at times terrifyingly brutal (not for the faint-hearted), if I had not been reading in staves with online book club The Pigeonhole, I would have devoured it in one go.

Many thanks to The Pigeonhole, the author and to my fellow Pigeons for making this such an enjoyable read.

About the Author

Elle is the author of psychological thrillers, a true crime podcaster, blogger and digital marketing consultant. She grew up in Adelaide, Australia, but now lives in London, which is the perfect place to live if you love to travel (which she does). She started her blog in 2010, and it quickly evolved into a travel blog, although these days it tends to be where she documents her writing experiences and the odd adventure.

She co-hosts the Crime Girl Gang podcast with her crime writing pals, Victoria Selman and Niki Mackay, and together they discuss true crime cold cases, with a fictional twist.

With over six years’ experience as a digital marketer, she combines her passions for writing and marketing by helping other authors perfect their website, social media, newsletter and online advertising. You can find more about the services she offers for authors on her other website, Digital Marketing for Authors.

When she’s not busy with all of the above, she can be found running (she loves a half marathon), sewing, making tacos, reading, or staring out the window at the foxes that live behind her flat.

You can find (and follow) her on all of the usual social channels:

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