High-flying lawyer Jessica Wells has it all. A successful career, loving husband Tom and a family she adores. But one case – and one client – will put all that at risk.

Edward Blake. An ordinary life turned upside down – or a man who quietly watched television while his wife was murdered upstairs? With more questions than answers and a case too knotted to unravel, Jessica suspects he’s protecting someone…

Then she comes home one day and her husband utters the words no one ever wants to hear. Sit down… because I’ve got something to tell you…

Now Jessica must fight not only for the man she defends, but for the man she thought she trusted with her life – her husband.

My Review

I want to say I loved this book but I am afraid I didn’t, which is a real shame as I loved My Lies, Your Lies. But this was too predictable. I guessed the twist right at the beginning and I was waiting for other great reveals which just didn’t happen.

The secondary stories felt like padding (even Tom’s story – I have something to tell you) and I didn’t really get the relevance. Susan Lewis is a great writer and the writing itself is flawless, but the story lacked originality and the main characters were all such dumbasses one wonders how they ever became so successful. Especially Jay, poor love. It was like kicking a puppy (apologies Pigeons).

The sad part is that it had the potential to be so good. As I said, the twist was predictable, but it could have hinted at the twist, made it the only possible answer, and then turned it on its head with something totally ‘wow – I didn’t see THAT coming.’ Even far-fetched is preferable to predictable. However, as one of my fellow book club readers pointed out, it would make a great TV show – Keely Hawes as Jay, David Tennant (of course) as Tom and – I’m still working on Edward Blake. Suggestions please.

Unfortunately, I feel that there are so many psychological thrillers and crime novels out there that it must be virtually impossible to write something original. So praise to those that do it – I just think it’s time for something totally new.

Many thanks to The Pigeonhole and my fellow Pigeons for making this such an enjoyable read.

About the Author

Susan Lewis is the bestselling author of over forty books across the genres of family drama, thriller, suspense and crime. She is also the author of Just One More Day and One Day at a Time, the moving memoirs of her childhood in Bristol during the 1960s. Following periods of living in Los Angeles and the South of France, she currently lives in Gloucestershire with her husband James, stepsons Michael and Luke, and mischievous dogs Coco and Lulu.

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