All Kate Wanted Was A Peaceful Life. 
All Ryan Wanted To Do Was Destroy it.

Living in the remote Scottish Highlands under Witness Protection, life is finally happy for Kate Ward and her young son Joe, until someone from Kate’s past appears. Ryan Albright is the only person that knows all of Kate’s secrets, and what she had to do to escape her previous abusive relationship. Ryan is determined to complete the mission set for him by Kate’s ex-husband.

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Systematically and violently, he pulls Kate’s new world apart with devastating consequences for everyone around him, including Kate who must face up to the lie she told.

My Review

Very fast paced as we move from one timeline to another and back again. It’s also a quick read. I never usually say this but it could have been a bit longer with more of Kate’s backstory such as how she met and married her ex-husband Darren.

Kate is like two different people – quiet and reserved living with her son Joe in the remote Scottish Highlands. I loved the idea of relocating to this wind-swept location, where she runs the local cafe, along with the elderly owner Jack Bruce, who has taken them both under his wing. But when we see her in the past, she is mixing with a group of undesirables, drawing her into their criminal lifestyle.

But back to the ‘now’ and Kate is muddling along quite happily, safe in her own little world. Then one day, she picks up a hitchhiker during a storm and it turns out to be Ryan Albright, a blast from the past, a man with whom she had a dalliance while her husband was up to no good. But Ryan is horrible, even worse than she remembers. He’s one of those lovable rogue types, handsome but shady (and a bit thick), except he’s not remotely lovable and gets less so by the day. Some of the things he does are beyond belief. But Kate is taken in by his charm.

The book follows Ryan’s devious plans which threaten to destroy Kate’s new life, but we also jump back in time to Kate’s marriage to Darren, her abusive ex-husband, an armed robbery and Darren going to prison.

Many thanks to @zooloo2008 for inviting me to be part of this blog tour.

About the Author

Catherine Yaffe is a full-time writer of crime novels, based in the North of England. The Lie She Told is Catherine’s first novel with the theme of questioning how well we know those around us. Catherine lives with her husband Mark and her cats Jenson and Button – she’s also a big fan of Formula One!

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