I’ve hunted sexual predators, serial offenders, and brought down a cult. This time I might be in over my head.

A serial killer who knows no boundaries, not in his depravity, or geographically. Four victims. Three cities. Different countries. And that’s just the beginning, or is it?

What starts as a serial murder investigation soon takes a far more sinister turn. An unspeakable crime is being covered up, and it’s up to us to find the truth. The only way to do it – my way. Equal parts profiler and vigilante, but I no longer hunt alone. Aidan’s in this fight with me, as my husband and boss.

With countless lives at stake, nothing will stop us from protecting the innocent. Even if the killer lives in the public eye. No one is untouchable… 

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My Review

Just when you thought Finley’s mind couldn’t get any darker, we have Fortius, book 4 in the #Finley series. Together with her husband Aidan Walker, plus his brothers Rowan and Liam, Finley is on the hunt for the most depraved serial killer she has ever come across. This one has no boundaries – his (or her) victims are killed in horrific ways and in different parts of the world. But how many victims are there and is he/she working alone?

Finley and Aidan’s daughter Ainsley is a year old, but they must leave her with Aidan’s mum and dad – Heather and Ryan – while they fly round the world looking for clues to the identity of the killer. He’s obviously someone wealthy as overseas travel is no problem, but is he hiding in plain sight or is he being protected by others?

As the body count rises and the killings become more gruesome – and I include Finley’s thirst for revenge and punishment for the victims in this – we know we are getting close. But on the way Finley must dispatch those that provided the victims, as they are just as much to blame, plus the paedophiles and rapists she uncovers during the investigation. I really had to concentrate to work out the connections. And I’m still reeling from one of her forms of punishment (the Vikings had a lot to answer for).

So who is the serial killer? Well you’ll have to read Fortius to find out. All I’m saying is ‘Jack The Ripper’ and no-one is above the law, but with Finlay and co in charge we know that they won’t get away with it.

About the Author

Mariëtte Whitcomb studied Criminology and Psychology at the University of Pretoria. An avid reader of psychological thrillers and romantic suspense novels, writing allows her to pursue her childhood dream to hunt criminals, albeit fictional and born in the darkest corners of her imagination. When Mariëtte isn’t writing, she reads or spends time with her family and friends.

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