It’s all fun and games, until someone gets killed.
Meet Jax Diamond, a sharp, sophisticated, skilled, no-nonsense private detective.  Or is he?  Glued to his side is his canine partner, Ace, a fierce and unrelenting German Shepherd whose mere presence terrorises criminals into submission.  Well, maybe not.

But the two of them are a whole lot smarter than they look.  And they have their hands full when a playwright’s death is declared natural causes, and his new manuscript worth a million bucks is missing.

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 Laura Graystone, a beautiful rising Broadway star, is dragged into the heart of their investigation, and she’s none too happy about it.  Especially when danger first strikes, and she needs to rely on her own ingenuity to save their hides.
Join Jax, Laura and Ace on a fun yet deadly ride during the Roaring Twenties that takes twists and turns, and a race against time to find the real murderer before he/she/they stop them permanently.

My Review

I’m not sure why but initially I couldn’t help imagining Jax sounding like Columbo, with his rumpled raincoat and unassuming demeanour. I even did the voice in my head. Maybe it’s the wrinkled brown suit. But once we learn more about him, we discover that Jax is younger and much better looking!

From the Jazz Clubs of the Roaring Twenties to the Broadway musicals and the famous Coney Island funfair, Songbird is a breathtaking ride through the streets of New York. But it’s not all fun and games. It opens with the demise of musical playwright Samuel Sanders – his death slow and painful. The police think he died of natural causes, but our intrepid private detective Jax Diamond has a nose for these things – a bit like Ace the German Shepherd has a nose for tracking people. But if Sanders was murdered, what was the motive?

Beautiful singer, Laura Graystone, nicknamed Songbird, recently took over the main part in a musical after the previous lead was murdered in a random break-in that went horribly wrong. But was it random and are the two deaths linked? And is Laura in danger too?

Well that’s for Jax to find out, with the help of his furry sidekick Ace, songbird Laura herself, and police officer Tim Murphy. It’s a rollicking ride with lots of red herrings and delightful twists and turns, and the two protagonists’ blossoming romance is a joy to read, without being soppy or sentimental.

Many thanks to @zooloo2008 for inviting me to be part of this blog tour.

About the Author

Award-winning author Gail Meath writes historical romance novels that will whisk you away to another time and place in history where you will meet fascinating characters, both fictional and real, who will capture your heart and soul. Meath loves writing about little or unknown people, places and events in history, rather than relying on the typical stories and settings.

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2 Comments on “Songbird (Jax Diamond Mysteries#1) by Gail Meath

  1. Thank you very much for such a great review and posting my book on your site. And you are the first person to notice the similarity between Jax and Columbo. I was kind of going for Columbo’s disheveled looks and mannerisms (although much younger and handsome) crossed with The Thin Man series! Thank you again. I truly appreciate your time.

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