I love poetry, but I know there are lots of people out there who hate it. At best fit only for ‘old’ people and love-sick Romeos and at worst a load of old rubbish, poetry has come to signify something a bit high brow and not for the likes of mere mortals. Unless of course we include Pam Ayres and why not indeed! She brought poetry to the masses and actually did it jolly well.

Now I hear you squirming while being reminded of school poetry like The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner or The Charge of the Light Brigade, which were at times quite heavy going, but not all poetry is long and heroic and concerned with history (or fable). Sometimes (read Roger McGough for instance) it can be fun and modern. And not a lonely wondering cloud to be seen.

Haikus, for instance, are only three lines long and the pattern is very simple 5, 7, 5 morae or sound units (which are rather like syllables).
Here is an example (apologies, I already posted this one):

In my dreams I fly (5)
Birds and clouds pass by the sun (7)
I want to be them (5)

Traditionally they are supposed to be about the seasons, but they don’t have to be these days.
Have a go!

8 Comments on “In defence of poetry!

  1. under the cool lemon sun
    blackbird sings short sweet song of renewal
    I hear it and smile

    Straight out of my world on a gorgeous Spring morning! Poetry is nothing more, and nothing less, than echoes of a memory, thought and emotion. Well, it is for me. A snapshot into the soul.

    • A snapshot into the soul. How true. Your haiku is beautiful.

  2. Spring into action
    Feel the sun for the first time
    Basking in glory

    Hello! Uncle Tree

  3. Hi, many poeple don’t understand poetry. So maybe hey don’t get it, or don’t want to spend time to do it. It takes high intelligence, lol… Poetry writer like you must have a deep thinking and high intelligence.

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