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A Christmas Haiku

What will happen when Christmas ends. Will the New Year Be any better?

Running out of Haikus

I’ve been posting my Haikus on Trouble is I’ve posted them all so I’ve run out. What to do next? I guess I’ll have to write some more. Maybe I’ll write a Haiku about running out of Haikus. No more haikus Whatever happened to all the Haikus They watched their time burn No more Haikus any more With thanks to The Stranglers


First of the month. White rabbits and all that stuff. Beginning of a new era. I get my result on Friday. Time for a quick Haiku. Once This is no rehearsal Life is only once and then The chance has slipped away

Feeling guilty

I swore I’d never let this blog get out of date and now it’s been four weeks since I last posted. I haven’t written anything new (other than two short stories too long to put on here and half a sestina) which means that technically I have nothing to post. So what else can I do apart from write a little Haiku. (Not sure … Read More Feeling guilty

Almost done

Seven years and my degree is almost complete. In just over a week my last ever project will be printed, bound and posted. Then it will be time to start writing for myself only. That is even more daunting. No deadlines to meet. No study books to read. No assignments to polish. No instructions, no marks and no feedback. Real author time. I won’t … Read More Almost done

In defence of poetry!

I love poetry, but I know there are lots of people out there who hate it. At best fit only for ‘old’ people and love-sick Romeos and at worst a load of old rubbish, poetry has come to signify something a bit high brow and not for the likes of mere mortals. Unless of course we include Pam Ayres and why not indeed! She … Read More In defence of poetry!


Sunday is a very short poem I wrote years ago. I have also included a couple of Haikus. A Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry, consisting of three lines in the pattern 5, 7, 5 morae (or on). A morae is a sound unit, which characterizes Japanese poetry, unlike English poetry which is characterized by meter. Sunday You left on Sunday Now the … Read More Sunday