During the 18 months I have been studying Creative Writing, I have come across a number of people who claim that they write only for themselves. Whether it is poetry, short stories or a diary (I have to confess I have NEVER kept a diary), I don’t really understand this.  Why write if no-one is going to read it? It’s like painting a picture and then leaving it in the attic unadmired, with the colour fading over the years.

I know it’s embarrasing to show someone your work the first time – especially poetry which is so much more personal – but it’s worth taking the plunge. (When it comes to poetry it’s much better to read it to them – even scarier I know, but it ensures that the rhythm is correct.) You never know, you may get comments like ‘That’s brilliant’ or ‘I wish I could write like that’. Or they may say ‘That’s cobblers’, but I bet they won’t, unless they are very rude. Most people are impressed that you had a go. They may even reveal that they write as well. Then you can support each other. It may turn out that they have already been published and give you loads of really excellent advice.

And if anyone says ‘Poetry is a load of old rubbish for people who read the Guardian’ well that says more about them than you, doesn’t it.

So if you now feel brave enough to share your work with the rest of us, go visit www.writers-forum.co.uk. You can apply to write for the site and see your work in (virtual) print.

And don’t forget to follow WritersForumUK on Twitter as well as me Cookiebiscuit.

10 Comments on “Don’t keep your writing a secret

  1. yknow what i am one of “them”, i will join this forum today, thanks for the pep 🙂 … personally, i don’t put out too much of what i write because i am still in the phase where im too sensitive to criticism so anything fairly harsh is likely to make me quit 😦

  2. Your writing is so imaginative. It’s beautiful. Don’t ever give up. I’ve gone through phases in my life when I’ve written nothing at all, but now I am determined. What the heck. There will always be someone who doesn’t like what you do (what do they know?). But there will be loads more who love it.

  3. I know what you’re saying, I finally understood it takes true grit to keep at it :(, its awesome you could do it, thank you :)!!

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