Adam Ferranti was drinking away his waking hours, getting by in a regional newspaper in the North of England. An award-winning journalist, he moved to England to escape the media glare that followed his spectacular fall from grace at The Washington Post; only to be thrust back in it when a mysterious serial killer decides to make him his confidante.

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DS Stephanie Walker is a successful member of the West Yorkshire Police force. Whilst she is tough and results-driven at work, with a fearsome reputation on the streets, she hides the domestic abuse she suffers at home.

She finds Ferranti exceptionally difficult to deal with, but he’s her only chance to stay close to what the elusive killer is planning next. Ferranti reluctantly complies with the Police, even though he is fighting his own personal demons, but when his best friend is murdered by the killer, it suddenly gets personal. And suddenly, no-one is quite who they seemed to be

My Review

This was a very interesting book with some surprising twists. DS Stephanie Walker is a great main character and journalist Adam Ferranti is fascinating. Some or in fact most of the murders are very gory so be warned, but there are only about five of them! Or is it six? Seven even? I lost count.

At first I thought – this is going to be just another police procedural but it feels very different. It’s not just a serial killer thriller, it’s also a spy novel – there’s politics, MI5 are involved, plus police corruption and revenge.

Ferranti is the most interesting character, but I felt that certain aspects of his nature could have been explored a bit deeper. We know a lot about his background, his family and his time in Afghanistan but there is more to him than we at first realise.

Stephanie is married to Alex – a handsome model whose well-paid work has enabled them to live a lavish lifestyle. Unfortunately he has been losing work because of his temper and unpredictability and this has resulted in the rapid deterioration of their relationship. I did question how they ever got together in the first place – they seem so mismatched. Alex has turned to drink and has become physically abusive towards his wife but she is too ashamed to tell anyone.

I loved Ferranti’s driver Aarav Khatri whose biggest fear is that his parents will find out that he is a chauffeur with an old Nissan Leaf instead of studying to be a doctor. We really feel sorry for him.

But the best thing about this book is that it turns everything you expect on its head. The identity of the killer, who lives and who dies. Usually these outcomes are fairly predictable but not in this book. As a creative writing student I was told I had to ‘murder my darlings’ – metaphorically speaking that is. In other words get rid of unnecessary scenes/paragraphs/characters which do nothing to move the story forward even though you love them. This author takes that adage literally in Deadline. He’s not afraid to murder our darlings for real and often it will be totally shocking and unexpected. Very different and a brilliant read.

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About the Author

A long time ago, Geoff Major had an idea for a story, whilst walking his girls to primary school. Two years ago, he decided he had the time and patience to try to write the story down. His wife was wholly supportive, so he turned from full-time to part-time for four months and now – 23 years after that idea first popped into his head – it has been published.

As a self-employed business consultant for 18 years and a fundraising adventurer for 10 years (including ski-trekking 50 miles, over 6 days and 6 nights, to the geographic North Pole), he now works for a debt charity whilst plotting his next three books.

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