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Deliciously gruesome Victorian Gothic horror

Read my review on Goodreads / Amazon of Paul Holbrook’s novel Domini Mortum here: I was lucky enough to read this with my book club The Pigeonhole and the author Paul Holbrook ‘read’ along with us. Domini Mortum is like Dennis Wheatley meets Ripper Street – full of Gothic horror and surprising twists but brought up to date with the terrific writing. Murder, the … Read More Deliciously gruesome Victorian Gothic horror

Read my latest short story Incy Wincy

My short story Incy Wincy just got accepted by Short Fiction Break literary magazine! It has been published today! http://shortfictionbreak.com/incy-wincy/  @shortfictionbrk Please tell your friends!

A Diet of Werewolves – A Modern Fairy Tale

‘I’m not like other men,’ said Dan. ‘I’m not even like other werewolves.’ ‘I don’t understand Mr Shaffer,’ the psychiatrist shuffled his papers and coughed. ‘…like other werewolves. There is no such thing as a werewolf or lycanthrope as it’s really called. It exists only in myths and legends. Please explain further.’ ‘I can do better than that,’ Dan was slowly sipping a blended … Read More A Diet of Werewolves – A Modern Fairy Tale

The Bottom of the Well

Do you believe we have all been here before? The Bottom of the Well takes Emily back to a past life that will change her future forever. http://www.amazon.co.uk/…/B01…/ref=rdr_kindle_ext_eos_detail … Emily was happily ploughing her way through a new anthology of sonnets one damp afternoon in September when everything changed. She vaguely heard the bell over the door chime to introduce the arrival of an elderly … Read More The Bottom of the Well

Things we should never take for granted

The other day I was thinking about our basic human rights (as you do) and I thought it would be interesting to see how many things we take for granted in the UK. So I compiled my list – you may have your own personal things to add to it. I have not included anything that I do not consider to be a basic … Read More Things we should never take for granted

Poetically retentive

With mathematical precision I count every beat From beginning to end of each line They must be concise and perfect and true And every so often must rhyme No freedom of verse or lyrical waxing No skipping a meter or two Iambic, trochaic or even dactylic I just can’t get away from this view So give me the sound of a heroic couplet At … Read More Poetically retentive

Believing in Fairies

In a world where for some people reality is too painful to bear and dreams are as fragile as eggshells, Mia was happy to float between the two. Her world was one of waking dreams. ‘I dream with my eyes open’, she said to the doctor, who was rapidly making notes and tutting a great deal. ‘I walk with fairy folk and elves and … Read More Believing in Fairies

A Christmas Haiku

What will happen when Christmas ends. Will the New Year Be any better?

Mad about celebrity?

Are you interested in celebrities and their lives? Probably not if you are reading this blog. However, I have another blog about celebrities and fashion. Very different from this one. Hope you enjoy it! Go to http://www.madaboutcelebrity.co.uk

Running out of Haikus

I’ve been posting my Haikus on http://www.TwiHaiku.com. Trouble is I’ve posted them all so I’ve run out. What to do next? I guess I’ll have to write some more. Maybe I’ll write a Haiku about running out of Haikus. No more haikus Whatever happened to all the Haikus They watched their time burn No more Haikus any more With thanks to The Stranglers

Finally a decision

I’ve been sitting on my story Miss Havisham’s Ghost for over two (or even three) months, unable to go anywhere with it, so I decided the best thing to do was to give up. Not give up on writing the story but on trying to combine the two stories into one. I have done this – bring in something autobiographical – before in a … Read More Finally a decision

Short novel or long short story – that is the question

About a year ago I wrote the first chapter of a novel for an assignment. It was called Miss Havisham’s Ghost and was loosely based on my own childhood but was intended to be a work of fiction. To be honest it didn’t get that good a mark so I shelved it.  Then a couple of months ago (or more) I started writing a ghost story. The … Read More Short novel or long short story – that is the question